DEA has launched an enforcement and national awareness campaign focused on Ecstasy and other synthetic drugs. “Operation X-Out” targets the increasingly popular drug Ecstasy along with drugs that have become known as “predatory drugs” because they have been used to facilitate sexual assault. DEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson believes that Operation X-Out is important because “the use of Ecstasy and predatory drugs among our youth is fast reaching epidemic levels. Unscrupulous dealers and promoters are marketing Ecstasy, Rohypnol, GHB, Ketamine and other lesser known drugs to individuals who, all too often, do not truly understand their potentially devastating effects,” Hutchinson said. “Not only is the DEA targeting these traffickers, we’re also reaching out to communities in an unprecedented way to get them involved. Learn more here if you want to buy ald-52.
What are Predatory Drugs?
“Predatory Drugs” is a term used to identify drugs that can be used to facilitate sexual assault. In the late 1990s, law enforcement noticed a new, disturbing trend of rape cases that involved the drugging of victims with chemicals such as rohypnol, GHB, and ketamine.
What are Club Drugs?
“Club Drugs” has become a widely used term for a number of illicit drugs that are most commonly encountered at nightclubs and all-night parties called “raves.” The three primary club drugs are Ecstasy, Ketamine, and GHB. Many other drugs are generally available in the club and rave circuit, however these three drugs are more closely associated with clubs because that is where they are most frequently used.

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